Nevada Regional Medical Center Pharmacy

Pharmacists are experts in the successful use of today's complex medications and patients in hospitals and health systems receive better care when pharmacists are directly involved in medication management decisions and patient care.  There is no substitute for a pharmacist's face-to-face interaction with other staff and patients.  

NRMC Pharmacy is very fortunate as a rural hospital to have 4 pharmacists and three technicians present in our facility.  Their invaluable contributions in ensuring safe and effective medication use in our hospital one of many reasons why choosing your hometown hospital is a good choice.

"We know you.  You go to church with us; your children are in school with our children; we share the same interests.  We are your hometown hospital pharmacists, we go the extra mile to ensure your medication safety. We work hand in hand with your physician to guarantee the proper dosing and monitoring parameters.  Because you are our friend, we care about your hospital stay.  Who do you trust more - someone that you know or a stranger in a larger facility?"       Jodee Mashek, Director, NRMC Pharmacy

The Top 10 things you can do to stay safe with your medicines when you are in the hospital.

Scope of Service

The NRMC Pharmacy continually embraces visionary thinking, thoughtful management and new technology to maintain its distinction as a leader in operational and clinical excellence.  The Pharmacy was most recently recognized in 2018 by Comprehensive Pharmacy Services with a Best Practices Award.

Our policies, guidelines, programs, and services ensure that patients receive appropriate pharmaceutical care as measured against standards.  Clinical and Specialty services are provided in various areas including, but not limited to, drug information, general medicine, emergency medicine, and several specialty areas, infectious diseases, oncology, pain management, and psychiatry services.

The NRMC Pharmacy is supported by state of the art automated systems including automated dispensing cabinets, and automated physician order entry system and medical records, and online drug information resources.  In addition to drug management and distribution, or pharmacists are actively involved in the evaluation of clinical protocols and therapeutic management.

Strategic Initiatives and Major Goals

The Pharmacy is dedicated to maintaining excellence in clinical and operational services including quality and safety, people development, advancing care and maintaining financial and operational growth.

The Pharmacy was recognized in 2013, 2014 & 2018 by Comprehensive Pharmacy Services with a Best Practices Award and was also named Site of the Year in 2010.