Platt joins NRMC primary care services


Nevada Regional Medical Center (NRMC) is pleased to announce the transition of Susie Platt, Licensed Clinical Social Worker from social services supervisor at NRMC to therapist at Primary Care Center. Platt compliments the mental health services offered by psychiatrist, Dr. David Trobaugh and child psychiatrist, Dr. Candice Moore at the NRMC rural health clinic.

“NRMC has offered individual and group therapy through the behavioral health program in the past,” said Wes Braman, Interim Chief Executive Officer at NRMC. “This is unique because it doesn’t require physician oversight and is another wonderful service we can offer the community, giving more access to care that is in great demand.”

Platt brings plenty of experience, having worked at NRMC for nearly 30 years as a social worker. After quickly moving up to social services supervisor, Platt worked in many areas from home health and hospice and medical social work to providing in-patient and out-patient group therapy in the behavioral health program.

A native of Nevada, Platt decided in her early teen years that she wanted to help those with mental health problems. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in social work from what is now Missouri State University and her Master’s Degree in social work from the University of Kansas.

“My mother struggled with a mental illness and yet she was one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known,” Platt said. “I saw how challenging and painful at times it was for her as well as for those of us who loved her. I checked into psychology my freshman year of college, but then was introduced to the field of social work, and I was hooked.”

Now, Platt provides psychotherapy sessions, also known as talk therapy, to people dealing with challenges such as anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. Through an initial assessment and ongoing meetings, Platt works with her clients to resolve troublesome behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, and to improve relationships and social skills.

“I believe the world in which we live can be quite challenging and at some point, most everyone needs someone to help them work through those challenges,” Platt said. “I am here to help them work through their problems by identifying and tapping into their own strengths and appropriate, available resources.”

What are some of the differences between the various levels of mental health providers? As an LCSW with a focus in behavioral health, Platt’s approach to psychotherapy is similar to that of a psychologist. However, according to Platt, there are two main differences. First, a psychologist usually has a doctorate degree in psychology whereas the LCSW has a master’s degree in social work. Both require many hours of supervised clinical work to be licensed by their professional boards. Second, a psychologist can do psychological testing and focuses more on mental processes and behavioral patterns, while social workers are more holistic and strengths-based. Setting psychiatrists apart from psychologists and other therapists is a medical degree in psychiatry. Psychiatrists are experts in prescribing and managing medications, particularly psychiatric medications and often provide leadership to the patient/client’s treatment team.  

Platt is accepting new clients and there is no referral required to seek her services. Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances are accepted and financial assistance is available to those who qualify. To contact her office, call (417) 448-3600.

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